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Dec 11, 2011 2:00am EST
, syria? >> i am not quite sure that i understand the logic of the question. i think frankly that our diplomatic position with iran is such that what we do or do not do in libya it is unlikely to significantly affected. i do not think it it -- that it affects our position with syria at all. syria is a very different situation from libya, as the foreign secretary has made clear. >> to you not think that the russian and chinese vetoes on various resolutions in relation to, for example, syria and possibly iran, were caused by the activities of nato in libya? >> i have to say that i think that is a question for the foreign secretary. >> the foreign secretary is not here. >> that has not occurred to me as a logic for the russian and chinese position in syria. >> i thought i was what they expressly stated, but i will leave that with you. >> the following from mrs. moon's question, surly you except that -- i say this is someone who has spoken voted in favor of the action -- are blatant targeting of only one side or the other is what has driven the russians and chinese to say, we are not agai
Dec 11, 2011 11:30am PST
:00 eastern hour. >>> from syria now, a warning. a blood bath could be imminent. the syrian government is giving protesters a deadline. the details straight ahead on that. >>> checking news headlines overseas now. an earthquake struck southern mexico overnight, centered about 100 miles south of mexico city but still felt in the capital city. officials say the 6.5 magnitude quake killed at least two people and damaged dozens of home and syrian military commanders are warning protesters in the city of holmes to hand in their weapons and stop protesting by monday night or they'll face bombardment. according to an opposition leader, that deadline has not been verified by the syrian government. >>> russia's president promises to look into allegations of election fraud, one day after tens of thousands of russian voters filled public spaces in moscow, furious at what they call a rigged parliamentary election last weekend. >>> some pandas get a taste of the holiday spirit. we have video that's gone viral. you'll understand why. >>> in los angeles no strangers to rolling out the rid carpet but
Dec 11, 2011 2:00pm PST
were talking in the newsroom about syria. we would not know what is happening inside syria if it is not for twitter, social media, youtube. news reporters are not allowed in. we cannot verify exactly whether the information is authentic, but we see all these videos uprou uploaded to youtube. people are tweeting, getting information out. ordinary people will not stand for repression. they will find ways to organize themselves, they will find ways to tell the world and ask for help. >> it is happening on a very big way. and then you mentioned there is some food. what is the food connection here? >> actually, we -- people were tweeting about food, that doesn't even quiexist in the und states. the mclobster, that was the number one hash tag about food. people kept tweeting about the mclobster that is coming to the united states. >> they wanted it to happen they were wishing. >> they burst their bubble and said, no, it is not going to happen. >> no one knows where that came from, how that got started? >> no. maybe somebody said they feel like eating a mcliorstobster, w not? mayb
Dec 11, 2011 9:00am PST
's just a fact. he also has recognized the state of syria, called assad a reformer, has continued to have an embassy there when in fact this is a real thug that is a real threat to the state of israel and to the stability of the region. and again, here's the interesting link. this is a state of iran -- the greatest area he's appeased is iran, which is the greatest threat, and here he is, recognizing assad setting up an ambassadorship with a client state of iran who is a great funder of hezbollah, a threat to israel and the region. you go to egypt. again, he supported the muslim brotherhood as it turns out into overthrowing an ally in egypt. there is a consistent pattern of contingencies that have come up under this administration where he has opposed the freedom fighters and has gone with the radical islamists. that is a problem for the security of israel and our country. >> okay. let me move you on. i think we could probably go round and round a couple times on this, but two really quick questions here, if i could. the first is, have you in fact talked to sarah palin about receiving her
Dec 11, 2011 10:00am PST
, syria and iraq are invented people. >> i think he wins that argument. it was needlessly provocative . that is a weakness that newt gingrich tries to put a historical gloss. it pegoes back to the ottoman empire . he forgets we are in a delicate diplomacy. and this is a way to provoke them and suggest they have no right to any kind of state. his worry last night hoe put it in the context of palestinian continued attacks on israel and the terror. and that is a better way to construct the argument. >> chris: liz, you agree with that as a foreign policy thinker. >> i gree with what paul said. the challenge here, you don't want it focused on the sount bite. you want the attention focused on president obama has the worst relationship with the state of israel than any president had in a long time . you have iran six or eight months obtaining a nuclear weapon and we should be working closely with the arabs and israelis on a range of issues including iran. that's what we should be focused on and not our own talking points >> chris: mara, what juan said, newt gingrich would be a general electi
Dec 11, 2011 3:00pm PST
were hurt. >>> a blood bath could be imminent in the security of homs in syria. the government warns of an all-out assault. still, the threats did nothing to stop syrians from protesting today. an opposition group says that 23 people were killed in protests with opposition forces. >>> an earthquake killed two people in southern mexico. people as far as 100 miles from the epicenter felt the quake on saturday. as many as 50 homes were damaged. there are no reports of deaths in the capital but several areas were left without power. >>> this is the developing news that we're following on cnn. it's out of panama city, panama. former dictator manuel noriega has just arrived back in his homeland 22 years after he was removed from office. you're looking at the airplane now where he came over from france. there are shots of the prison where he is going to be staying until he goes on trial. he was extradited from france after being convicted for the killing of a political opponent in panama in the 1980s. he'll go right to prison but could eventually be placed under house arrest because of his
Dec 11, 2011 4:00am EST
crackdown in syria continues. activists say 16 people were killed saturday. among the victims a doctor who the opposition considered a hero of the resolution. the united nations estimates more than 4,000 people have been killed in the recent unrest. >>> in oslo, norway, three women accepted the nobel peace prize today. and immediately dedicated the honor to women struggling for equal rights around the world. the three are the liberian president. a social worker and peace campaign in liberia. and an activist and journalist in yemen. >>> volunteers remember fallen u.s. service members by laying wreaths on their headstones. more than 700 state and national cemeteries, dozens of u.s. militaries on foreign soil and all the sites of the september 11th attacks. about 90,000 wreaths were left on head stones at arlington national cemetery. >>> cnn heroes meet hollywood glamour sunday night. the top ten cnn 2011 heroes will be narrowed down to one. kareen wynter is at the shrine auditorium where the countdown is on. who are we expecting on the red carpet? >> hi, there. actually made our way inside.
Dec 10, 2011 4:00pm PST
reporting. >>> news overseas now, the conflict in syria shows no sign of ending. the arab league meets again this week desperate for a way to end the bloodshed. these pictures are said to be from today, though cnn can't confirm the authenticity of this video. activists say at least 16 people were killed, but a full-scale assault that may be in the works didn't happen. pro-democracy activists say the military has surrounded the city of homz and fear they could launch that assault at any moment now. >>> an angry message from tens of thousands of protestors in moscow to russian prime minister vladimir putin. today's protests were some of the biggest since the fall of the soviet union. demonstrators ignored the frigid weather to turn out. many believe the last election was rigged in favor of putin's united russia party. the demonstrators want the results thrown out and a new election held. >>> a convicted cop killer's life is spared 30 years after he committed his crime. the prosecution has dropped its pursuit of the death penalty. and get this, the wife of the officer he killed supports the dec
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Dec 11, 2011 11:00am PST
to a number of american presidents says using gingrich's reasoning, jordan, syria and iraq are all invented people and have no right to statehood. >> i think elliott abrams wins the argument. it was a provocative way to put it and reflects one of gingrich's weaknesses is he tends to overintellectualize things and tries to put a historical gloss on everything so goes back to the ottoman empire and forgets the fact we are in a delicate diplomacy with israel and the palestinians and to project them and suggest -- provoke them and suggest they don't have right to any kind of a state. he put it last night in the continued attacks onial on the terror and that is a much better way to construct the argument. >> chris: , liz, do you agree with that. >> with what paul said. the challenge here is you don't want the attention focused on a sound bite from the candidates. you want it focused on the fact that president obama has the worst relationship with the state of israel than any president has had in a long time. iran by some accounts six to eight months from obtaining a nuclear weapon and when we sh
Dec 11, 2011 6:00am EST
visited roughly 50 countries, including pakistan, india, yemen, libya, syria, iraq and iran. between him and his wife janis, his family has been connected with the armed forces since 1918. i would like to acknowledge the presence of mr. melvin bledsoe who is seated directly behind mr. long. he testified this year. he is the father of carlos bledsoe who has been convicted of murdering mr. long's son. mr. bledsoe's presence here and in support of mr. long is a testament to how two fathers stand together in the fight against violent islamist extremism. thank you for being here today, thank you for your testimony back in march. now i am privileged to recognize mr. long for his opening statement. >> chairman, ranking member thompson, distinguished members of congress, since my son's death, my view of things have changed. i've lane awake to my life's night maver when she relives being 50 feet away while andy and quentin are shot. i was a career marine. my wife served in the navy, was honor bli discharged. our family has served various military branches since world war i. we have one son who se
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Dec 11, 2011 1:00pm PST
protestors now scheduling more demonstrations throughout the month. >>> in syria, eight people are dead following renewed violence this weekend. round of gunfire in the streets, government troops cracking down on former soldiers who have joined the resistance. now word that violence is spilling across the border into jordan. that is where a dozen syrians, attacked the embassy there on monday. syrians are set to vote in municipal elections, a first test of the reforms promised since the uprising begin back in march. >> gregg: to iran, the nation's elite revolutionary guard saying it will not return that american surveillance drone captured last week. iran calling the violatn of the airspace, quote, a hostile act and warning of a bigger response. former ambassador john bolton says that incident will make it much harder to deal with iran going forward. >> this is going to enhance iranian revenues substantially or put them in a good bargaining position with russia and china. it highlights once again why the policy of economic sanctions and the hope of getting iran to a diplomatic table is d
Dec 10, 2011 6:00pm PST
the policeman of the world. we don't need another war in syria, another war in iran. just get rid of the embassy in baghdad. we're pretending we're coming home from baghdad. we built an embassy there that cost $1 billion and we're putting 17,000 contractors in there and pretending our troops are coming home. i could save the money and we don't have to raise taxes on social security, on the tax roll. >> as i said, i want to broaden this out. all of you have been debating two big questions through this nomination fight. who is the most consistent conservative candidate? and which of you is bet able to defeat president obama? governor romney, speaker gingrich crystallized his argument. he said, quote, i'm a lot more conservative than mitt romney and more electable than anyone else. i know you don't agree with that. >> beiof course i don't agree w that. i don't think most people agree with that. speaker gingrich has been in government for a long time. we can look at his record. really this is more about us talking about what we believe. and whether we can lead the country at a time when we need to r
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)